Be Ready for Jesus’ Return

Prepare for Jesus’ Return: No More Pharisees’ Errors

Serving God but opposing the Messiah, the Pharisees finally nailed the Messiah to the cross. This should be a lesson to us. When it comes to prepare for Jesus’ return, we should see through to the root problem and it will help a lot.

Who’ll Be Wise Virgin? How to Prepare Oil?

The prophecies about the return of the Lord Jesus in the Bible have basically been fulfilled. And it is prophesied that only the wise virgins can welcome the Lord. What exactly are the wise virgins? How should the wise virgins prepare oil to welcome the Lord? By Weichen Facing the..

Pastors’ Discussion: How to “Watch And Wait” for Jesus’ Return?

Brothers and sisters, now it is the end of the last days. Every Christian is expecting to meet Jesus’ return and to be raptured to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, everyone is watching and waiting for the Lord’s return. Then how should we watch and wait to welcome Jesus’..

Can You Discern the Words of Satan? – Christian Must Know

By Chen Xi It was six o’clock in the morning, I made a prayer with pure in heart to entrust my spiritual devotions’ time to God and yearned for His enlightenment. I opened the Bible on the table and read Job 1:6-11, “Now there was a day when the sons..