Hymns of Life Experience

God’s Love

hymn God’s Love

God’s Love Ah … ah … ah … ah … I In this world, there is a vast sea of people. Who knows that God is again incarnated to be a man? No one pays heed to Him, no one shows concern for Him. He is alone and lonesome; how..

I Will Love God to Eternity

I Will Love God to Eternity O God! Your words have led me back to You. I accept training in Your kingdom day and night. So many trials and pains, so many tribulations. Many times I shed tears and felt heart-stricken, and many times have fallen into the trap of..

Song of Sweet Love

Song of Sweet Love I Deep in my heart, it is Your love. So sweet, I get close to You. Caring about You sweetens my heart; serving You with all my mind. Guiding my heart, it is Your love; I follow Your footsteps of love. I shift myself according to..