New Believers’ Testimonies

I Have Seen Through the Religious Pastors

Meng’ai    Malaysia When my husband passed away, I sank into extreme grief. In addition, I had to raise our kids alone. So my life was really hard then. However, the Lord had never left me alone but pulled me through with the help of my brothers and sisters. To..

Triumph at Every Step Under the Guidance of God’s Word

Yili    United States I was born in a Chinese Christian family. When I was young, my grandmother often took me to the church to attend gatherings and sing hymns to praise God. Later, only as I grew up did I gradually understand that the Lord’s love for man was..

God’s Love Accompanied Me in Satan’s Disturbance

De Ling In 2008, my mother preached to me the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. But due to the influence of the atheistic education of China, I felt that God was too strange to me, and I could not understand God’s words. So, a sister of the Church of Almighty..

A Lost Man Has Returned

Xieli    United States In order to live a life of the greatest of the great, I came to U.S. to make my way. Although I suffered a lot over years, gradually I started up a company and possessed a car and a house, living an ideal “happy” life. Meanwhile,..

Escaping Satan’s Sieges by God’s Word

Kuozhan I was once a leader of a Three-Self church. Seeing the pastors and elders scrambled for fame and gain, I was very disappointed with them and my faith and love gradually grew cold. Later, Almighty God’s work of the last days was preached to me. Through a period of..

Cease of Divorce Crisis

Luxi    Japan In 2015, a friend preached the gospel of Almighty God to me and I accepted it. After I knew Almighty God’s work of salvation in the last days, I read His words eagerly. My husband said to me, “It’s better for you to believe in God and..

Standing Fast in the Wind

Zhang Li In 1996, I believed in the Lord Jesus because of illness. Afterward I was healed of my illness unknowingly, so I had greater faith. In order to repay the Lord’s love, I preached the gospel actively. When the leaders of the church saw that I was zealous in..

A Blade of Grass That Grows Among Thorns

Yixin    Singapore Editors’ note: Yixin, a kind and caring beautician, came to Singapore from China. Under the Lord’s protection, she had a secure job and led a happy and steady life. Later, she heard the news about the Lord’s return. Unexpectedly, during the process of her investigation, she was..