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Letters Carrying Good News

Zhang Hao I was a junior leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In order to look after the Lord’s flock well, I read the Bible and recited its famous chapters and verses every day, and the Bible became my lifeblood. In a co-workers meeting, Elder Chang of our Church..

God’s Word Led Me to Reunite With the Lord

Enhui    Malaysia I am an ordinary Christian and I have believed in the Lord for 28 years. When I first started believing in the Lord, I felt that the church was a pure land, a sanctified place in this evil age. I was very proud that I could emerge..

The Way Back Home

Xinsheng    Malaysia After I abandoned Buddhism, the Lord Jesus Gave Me Peace At my age of 16, my elder brother preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. However, influenced by other relatives, I chose to believe in Buddhism, because I thought it made no difference no matter..

A Story Sparked by a Hymn

Tian Lin I was a co-worker in a local Three-Self church. The church was prosperous when I first believed in the Lord, but after several years, somehow I felt thirsty in my spirit and even found myself having nothing to preach. All the brothers and sisters lost their former faith..

A Beautician’s Testimony of Returning to God

Lingdong    Japan After the graduation from the junior middle school in 1999, I began to work in the beauty industry. One year later, I became a beautician consultant. As my salary was two or three times higher than others’, I was financially secure, without any special worry. Later, I married..

One Step Forward and You Will See a Brand-New World

Xiaofang In 2012, my husband’s sister came to visit us with the sisters from the Church of Almighty God. They witnessed to the work of Almighty God—the Lord Jesus’ second coming—in the last days, and communicated with us why believers in the churches became cold in their faith and why..

God’s Name Has Changed!

Xiaoting One morning, I was about to go out the door when Chen Ying, my old schoolmate, came, whom I hadn’t seen for over twenty years. I immediately let her into my house. “What made you think of coming to my house?” I asked as I made tea. She said,..

God’s Love Melted My Hardened Heart

Huizhuan That year, my business collapsed and my marriage broke up. I was overwhelmed with great distress. Just at that time, my next-door neighbor preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. She told me the story about how Jesus was nailed to the cross for the redemption of..

My Deceived Heart Has Been Awakened

Yuanzhi    Brazil I Finally Believed in the Lord Jesus After a Few Setbacks I was born in a small city in northern China. In 2010, I came to Brazil from China with my relatives. I made friends with a Christian here. He took me to a church to listen..

Right Here All Denominations and Sects Are United as One

Right Here All Denominations and Sects Are United as One

Yang Yang As a child, on my way to school, I often saw a sickly elder sister shuffle to an aunt’s house near our school. I heard from the adults that she and that aunt were both believers of the Lord in the True Jesus Church. I thought then, “My..