God’s Salvation

Marvelous Salvation

John Gatura    Africa Editors’ note: John Gatura is a minor building materials dealer from Africa who was born into a Catholic family. Recently, his trucks always had problems. In order to better transport building blocks and sand, he decided to replace them with the Chinese-made Dongfeng trucks. Just when..

God Saved Me From Misery and Confusion

Xiaoqin    Japan In my childhood, my father often drank a lot, and after he got drunk, he would beat my mother or abused us siblings; this left a shadow of fear on my mind. When I grew up, I specially sympathized with those whose hearts once suffered trauma. Later..

A Testimony of Return to God: A Doctor’s Journey Home

Gensui    United States I am a doctor. Like many people in the world, I also hoped to have a successful career and a happy family. In 2000, I met my wife, who was a clever and able woman. After we married, I worked and my wife stayed home to..

I Have Walked on the Path to Purification

Gangqiang    United States In 2007, due to the pressure of life, I came to Singapore to carve out a career by myself. As the temperature was very high all year round in Singapore, every day I was streaming with sweat while working, which was a real torture. Also, being..