Focus on Truth

The Lunch Before Departure

Xiaoxi One midday, the scorching sun beat down on the earth. In the hot sun, Yezi, with some sorrowful look on her face, kept a firm hold of the hand of her 11-year-old son, walking into a restaurant, whose twice-cooked pork slices were her son’s favorite dish. This was the..

Exposing the CCP’s Whopping Lies

In the entry about the Church of Almighty God in Wikipedia, there are many contents which are slander and condemnation of the Church of Almighty God and are no different from the discredit and smear against the Church by the state media of Mainland China. They work and serve for..

How to Resist Epidemics

Xiaoju In recent years, bird flu virus has again become the horrible killer of mankind’s health. Its changeable ways and uncontrollability caused all sections of experts and scholars to be unable to defend it and be powerless to do anything. People can only watch every infected person wait for the..