Focus on Truth

Disclosure of a Whopping Lie (I)

In the entry about the Church of Almighty God in Wikipedia, there are many contents which are slander and condemnation of the Church of Almighty God and are no different from the discredit and smear against the Church by the state media of Mainland China. They work and serve for..

How to Resist Epidemics

Xiaoju In recent years, bird flu virus has again become the horrible killer of mankind’s health. Its changeable ways and uncontrollability caused all sections of experts and scholars to be unable to defend it and be powerless to do anything. People can only watch every infected person wait for the..

Who Is to Blame for “My Life Planning”?

Zhuiqiu After I watched this video, a Taiwanese song “Childhood” occurred to me: “In the banyan trees beside the pond, the cicadas chirped unceasingly during the summer days. On the swings at the edge of the playground, there were only butterflies perching. … The childhood when we were looking forward..

Pledging My Life to Devotion

Zhou Xuan    Shandong Province On April 3, 2003, I went with a sister to visit a new believer. This new believer had still not been set in the truth and ended up reporting us. As a result, four evil plain-clothes police came and aggressively forced the two of us into their..