What Is God’s Church

I Feel the Church Is No Longer a Place to Worship God

She took an active part in the church affairs after believing in the Lord, but found that the Choir and the memorial ceremony of the Passion of the Lord became money makers of the church. To their surprise, she and other believers found the church was no longer a place to worship the Lord.

Churches Desolate, How to Regain Presence of God?

To recover a normal relationship with God, I searched everywhere for a church with the presence of God. But all denominations and sects I saw were as desolate as my own. One day, I talked about it with my former classmate. Form her fellowship, I found the way to solve the desolation of churches.

Come Out of the Desolate Temple to Look for the Lord’s Footsteps!

On my first Christmas in America, I remember, when I clicked on the Internet some videos on Christmas celebrations held by overseas churches, almost all that I saw was in a similar way: The believers were in Christmas garments and sang the hymns. Then the pastor preached a verbatim sermon..

Why Are There So Many Denominations in Christianity?

When the Lord Jesus came to earth to do His work in person, all those who believed in Him came under His name. The apostles spread the gospel everywhere, and joined all the brothers and sisters who had accepted the salvation of the Lord Jesus and come under His name..

A Christian's Spiritual Diary—I don't want to go to church

A Christian’s Spiritual Diary—I don’t want to go to church

May 12, 2017 Sunny It’s a fine day today. Outside the window, the light breeze was blowing softly. In the yard, leaves on the trees were dancing gaily in the breeze to express their happiness … Looking at the dancing leaves, however, I was still unhappy. For a period of..

What specific acts are increasing lawlessness?

Question 2: Just now we talked about some lawless acts. So, what specific acts are increasing lawlessness? Answer: More lawlessness means mostly that religious leaders, pastors, and elders go against God’s will, and go their own way. They don’t obey God’s commandments, misinterpret the Bible to shackle, control, and deceive..