I Feel the Church Is No Longer a Place to Worship God

She took an active part in the church affairs after believing in the Lord, but found that the Choir and the memorial ceremony of the Passion of the Lord became money makers of the church. To their surprise, she and other believers found the church was no longer a place to worship the Lord.

Churches Desolate, How to Regain Presence of God?

To recover a normal relationship with God, I searched everywhere for a church with the presence of God. But all denominations and sects I saw were as desolate as my own. One day, I talked about it with my former classmate. Form her fellowship, I found the way to solve the desolation of churches.

Worship God, pray to God

Worship, Why Can Not Be Heard by God?

I have ever heard about such a story: On the Lord’s day, a brother in his dream was taken to a church by an angel, where he saw a sister was playing the piano, but he couldn’t hear the music. And there were choir members and believers singing, yet he..

Reflect: I, Qualified Christian?

By Li Zhi I, who have believed in God for many years, had always thought that those who believed in God’s existence, could follow God and often pray to Him for keeping them from all calamities, could receive His grace, and moreover, were able to preach the gospel and bear..

Is Christmas Really Established By the Lord Jesus?

By Xiaoqi The snow was very heavy during the Christmas that year. After a period of hard work, we brothers and sisters in the choir finally took first place in the town’s choir competition. At the first meeting after Christmas, brothers and sisters were still talking excitedly and endlessly about..