Bible Videos

JESUS Movie: Jesus Feeds the 5000

This classic movie clip, "Jesus feeds the 5000", records that the Lord Jesus feeds 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish. However, this miracle God has done is not merely so that we can see God’s authority and power, it is so that we should know the Lord Jesus’ deeper will.

JESUS Movie: Jesus Calms the Storm

This movie clip, "Jesus Calms the Storm", is especially classic and impressive. Facing the furious storm and powerful ocean waves, The Lord Jesus’ disciples were terrified, and to them, this was undoubtedly a test of faith.

JESUS Movie: Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples

Every time I watch this movie clip, "Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples", I am inspired. When the resurrected Lord Jesus came back among His disciples, it fulfilled the prophecy that the Son of man would rise again three days after the crucifixion, which reveals God’s authority: what He says will stand, and brings hope for mankind.

JESUS Movie: The Devil Tempts Jesus

From this movie clip, "The Devil Tempts Jesus", we can see the Lord Jesus was tempted by the devil. In the wilderness, the devil made ludicrous suggestions three times in a row, but the Lord saw through its tricks and responded with a strong counterattack.

JESUS (English) Jesus Drives Out Money-Changers from the Temple

JESUS Movie: Jesus Drives Out Money-Changers from the Temple

From " Jesus Drives Out Money-Changers from the Temple " this Jesus movie clip we can see that the temple, once full of Jehovah’s glory, became a place to sell cattle, sheep, and doves and exchange money. The Lord Jesus overturned the tables and scolded people that they had turned the temple where people worshiped God into a den of thieves.