Overcome Satan

Seeing Through the Rumors, I Gained Liberation

By A Yan, Hong Kong One day in May of 2017, after school, my son and I went to the park, where I came across three sisters. In contact with them, I found them very kind and I enjoyed talking with them. Then we arranged to meet in the park..

I See God’s Wonderful Deeds When I Rely on Him

I See God’s Wonderful Deeds When I Rely on Him

by Fudan    Africa I come from Africa and I was born in a Catholic family. Now, I work as an engineer in a cement plant. Having sought the truth for several years, I had the privilege of accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days. From then on, I..

God Saved Me From Misery and Confusion

God Saved Me From Misery and Confusion

Xiaoqin    Japan In my childhood, my father often drank a lot, and after he got drunk, he would beat my mother or abused us siblings; this left a shadow of fear on my mind. When I grew up, I specially sympathized with those whose hearts once suffered trauma. Later..

I Have Seen Through the Religious Pastors

Meng’ai    Malaysia When my husband passed away, I sank into extreme grief. In addition, I had to raise our kids alone. So my life was really hard then. However, the Lord had never left me alone but pulled me through with the help of my brothers and sisters. To..

Triumph at Every Step Under the Guidance of God’s Word

Yili    United States I was born in a Chinese Christian family. When I was young, my grandmother often took me to the church to attend gatherings and sing hymns to praise God. Later, only as I grew up did I gradually understand that the Lord’s love for man was..

God’s Love Accompanied Me in Satan’s Disturbance

De Ling In 2008, my mother preached to me the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. But due to the influence of the atheistic education of China, I felt that God was too strange to me, and I could not understand God’s words. So, a sister of the Church of Almighty..