Marriage & Family

Spiritual Awakening: I No Longer Say, “If …”

By Xiaoju Xinlian wept and complained, “How could I marry you? You are capable of nothing. I can never enjoy a happy life with you in all my life. If …” Her husband sat there in silence, with a helpless look. After her husband went to work, Xinlian sat there..

The Sweetness of Peace in My Heart – Miracle of Life

By Li Qing Whenever I see the lovely smile on the face of my sleeping child, I am always grateful for God’s grace from deep within my heart. During the years when I believe in God, Satan entices and interferes me, as well as tries to distance me from God..

How to Get out of the Marriage Crisis Caused by Social Media

When Zhiqiang and Linlin knew each other, both of them considered each other as their lifelong partner that they can entrust. Linlin was a college student at that time, so she told Zhiqiang she would marry him after she graduated. During that time, Zhiqiang’s family set their faces against their..

My Real Story: The Real Happiness Comes from God, Not Money

by Lu Ye, Su Wan District I am 52 years old this year. I was born in a poor peasant’s family and despised by others most of the time. Two sons of my father’s elder brother worked at a coal mining factory and earned enough money, so their two little..

God’s Words Help Me to Solve My Marriage Problems

It is common to meet many difficulties or get into trouble in our daily life. Just rely on God and He will guide you through … by Xiang Qin I’m an ordinary girl, and I will be content if I can live a happy and romantic life after marriage. However,..

Letting Go of a Marriage That Doesn’t Belong to Me

by Xinyi My elder brother and his wife had been married for several years. However, because of his illness, they quarreled all day and divorced each other finally. I thought: If I get married later, I’ll certainly treasure my happiness and by no means divorce my husband easily. After one..

The Story of Pin Money—How the Word of God Transforms Me

by Chen Li In the morning, Bing’er picked up her cellphone to see the news of the day. A short story about stones and candies aroused her curiosity. The story was about a little boy with some beautiful stones in his hands and a little girl with a pile of..

God’s Word Guides Me: The Key to the Door of My Heart

by Liu Xu In my childhood, I saw that people of my parents’ generation carried each other through life’s ups and downs even without passionate love between them. I quite envied them and also hoped that I could have a partner with whom to grow old and spend my life,..

How I Fled From the Marshland of Love

by Xiao Qian My Imaginary Love Burst When I was a young and naive girl, the romantic fictions of the writers of that generation accompanied me all along. After I read their love stories which were otherworldly, poetic and picturesque, thoughts used to throng my mind and the love pictured..