When My Husband Has an Affair, What Do I Do?

By Liu Chunmei Learning of Her Husband’s Betrayal Unexpectedly “Hello, my darling …” A flirtatious voice of a woman came over the phone. “Who are you calling darling? How dare you seduc

God Is the Only One Man Can Truly Rely Upon

Introduction In our real lives, we often encounter many difficulties and problems. When this happens, some people choose to rely on themselves to solve them, some choose to rely on their relatives an

How Should We Break Away From the Harm That Extramarital Affairs Cause?

By Ni Ming It says in the Bible: “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4). From this verse we can see that marriage is

It Turns Out That Romantic Love Is a Trap Laid Out by Satan

By Gao Hui There is no lifetime romance but only lifetime companionship. I slipped up and fell into a trap of romantic love, but only through seeking did I came to realize that I had lost my direct

Recovering From Betrayal in Marriage With God’s Guidance

By Zhaoyun Editor’s Note: What would you do if the person you love most betrayed you? In “Silently Waiting,” Amy Cheung wrote, “When you have the feeling that the person you love is unfa

Freed From the Pain of Marital Infidelity

By Zhang Qing “‘Till death do us part’ loses out over ‘It’s not you, it’s me’” and “There’s no such thing as an eternal vow, just an eternal stream of lies” are a couple of po

Obeying God’s Sovereignty, I Saw My Daughter Has a Happy Marriage

By Xiaocao My daughter’s happy life evoked my memories. One day, my son-in-law and daughter came to my home. When it was almost time to cook lunch, my son-in-law was going to buy food. He asked my

This Is How I Establish a Correct View of Marriage

By Shasha, United States I had been longing for love. At the age of 18, I, knowing nothing of love, became infatuated with romantic books, idol dramas and youth dramas, and especially their plots. F

After Husband Had an Affair, I Broke Free From the Pain This Way

By Song Zhen Editor’s Note: Every woman hopes to have a wonderful, happy marriage in which husband and wife love each other for a lifetime, but this doesn’t always go as people wish it to. Alth

Her Story of How to Save Her Marriage After His Betrayal

By Jiamei Her Husband’s Online Entanglement Raises a Red Flag “Uncle, none of that online chatting stuff is real. There are lots of people now using that to cheat people, how could there be anyo