Interpersonal Relationships

Learn Forgiveness—A Surprising Gain Brought by a Hard Knot

By Qin Ya, China Qin Ya and Xiaorui have been close friends since high school. Qin Ya’s family lives in favorable conditions and she is the only daughter. Growing up in her parents’ tender love, Qin Ya has formed a domineering and open character, yet she treated Xiaorui wholeheartedly. During..

How Happy to Live According to God’s Words!

In our daily life, we all feel it is easy to see, but hard to get along with others. However, in order to keep a good reputation, and gain the praise of others, we will always live by satanic philosophies of life, which cause us to live more and more..

The Family Turmoil Has Finally Subsided!

By Jing Shou, USA   Since my childhood, I lived in a harmonious family. Although my parents sometimes quarreled with each other, the whole families could still show understandings and tolerance to others, and there weren’t any barriers among our family after the quarrels. My parents often taught us that..

Learn to Humble Ourselves

by Chenmo, United States I have seen a short story from a book: Three scholars went to the capital for the highest imperial examination and stayed in the same roadhouse. These three scholars are named A, B and C. On one night, Scholar A asked the owner of the roadhouse..

I’m No Longer Constrained by the “Jealous Heart”

by Jingxin, the United States At the end of October 2016, I accepted the gospel of God. After that, I often had meetings with several brothers and sisters, reading God’s words, sharing experiences, and singing hymns to praise God. I felt that such kind of church life was very joyful..

The Partner Is a Helper

Vera A cluster of crabs were moving on the beach. Meanwhile, a seabird hunting for food straightly flew down. The second before a little crab was about to be the food in the seabird’s mouth, all crabs lined together and then raised their pincers, pointing them at the seabird. We..