Inspiration From a Story: In Welcoming the Lord’s Return, We Cannot Blindly Follow Others

By Li Minghui One day, I was leaning against a window and browsing the web on my cell phone without much enthusiasm when suddenly a short story caught my attention. This is how the story goes: A bo

Why Does God Arrange Difficulties and Tribulations in Our Lives?

Why does God arrange difficulties and tribulations in our lives? After understanding God’s will, we’ll know how to face difficulties and tribulations.

Behind the Medicinal Properties of Plants and Flowers Is God’s Love for Mankind

Plants created by God have special medicinal effects. Behind that, there is God’s love for mankind.

Why Little Grass Has Tenacious Life Force

No matter how harsh the natural conditions, the little grass grows strong and tall as long as it gets a handful of moist soil and a sunbeam.

A Wise Choice: To Play Our Own Roles

We should keep in mind that status means nothing and it cannot determine our fate. We should not compete against others but be down-to-earth in playing our own roles.

Be Down-to-earth, Find Correct Position in Life

We have many good wishes and ideals about our life, but only if we find the correct position can we display our value and shine brightly.

Reflections on Last 3 Wishes of Alexander the Great —What Is the Value and Meaning of Life?

Last 3 wishes of Alexander the Great make us realize that it’s meaningless to seek money in our lives. Then, what kind of life is valuable and meaningful?

If All We Do Is Guard Against False Christs, We’ll Miss the Lord’s Return

Fearing for deception, we don’t listen or read when hearing the good news of the second coming of Jesus. Is this in line with Jesus' teaching?

Is Your Belief in Accordance With God’s Will?

By Qiu Shi There was a story telling: A Christian wanted to offer up 10 dollars at the end of a church service. Unexpectedly, he put a 100-dollar bill into the offering box. He regretted it very

Adhering to Convention — God’s Work Never Change?

By Li Cheng Recently, I read this story: The State of Chu wanted to make a sneak attack on the State of Song. Seeing that the State of Song lay across the river, the State of Chu sent people to measu