Following God


Whose Voice Is So Powerful?

When I was most weak and felt most darkened within, the word moved my heart, gave me faith and strength and changed me. It turned out that the powerful voice is from God.

A girl standing under a tree and smelling the flowers, The Best Life,

The Best Life Is to Worship Jesus!

Going to church on Sunday morning in my childhood left me a special memory. After growing up, I heard the good news of Jesus’ second coming, and I felt so blessed. God’s love accompanies me all along.

Turning Point in Life After Dream of Wealth Crushed

By Jiang Feng Starting from scratch by the sweat of his brow and laboring and toiling with mind and body was his previous way of living; Believing himself and struggling against his fate was his attitude to life in former days; Hearing God’s voice and coming before God was his..

My Investment Disaster

A customer’s narration aroused her to make investments. But she and her relatives lost all their family property after huge investments. In despair, God made a way out for her and she lived in peace from then on.

Leave the Desolate “Temple” and Go Home

As the church got more desolate, she felt weak, pained, and more and more thirsty in spirit and couldn’t find her way home like a lost little sheep. After God’s words solved all of her confusion, she got the provision of life. Now she again feels the joy of the presence of the Lord.