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Faith and Life

Faith and Life provides understandings of the truth, faith enlightenment and thoughts on life, etc. related to perception of life, which help us experience and understand God’s deeds on everything in our life and know the meaning of life.

  • Fleeting Time

    Fleeting Time

    Oct 30,2015

    “An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time.” This idiom is familiar to most people. Its main point is that life passes ...

  • Fate


    Oct 28,2015

    Influenced by the surrounding environment and various knowledge I learned since my childhood, I had a growing conviction within: We should believe in ...

  • I’m Rejoiceful to Obey the Creator’s Arrangement

    I’m Rejoiceful to Obey the Creator’s Arrangement

    Oct 18,2015

    I’m very short. From my childhood, I felt inferior because of my physical defect, and I complained against my mother why she did not take plentiful nu...

  • A Pair of Hands

    A Pair of Hands

    Oct 10,2015

    From the earliest epoch of our conscious life, every one of us marveled at this wonderful world: blue sky, beautiful aurora, changeable clouds, altern...