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Life Insights section shares with you selected articles of Christians’ insights into the meaning of life and their appreciation of the Creator’s wonderful deeds.

  • A Symphony of My Fate

    A Symphony of My Fate

    Jun 18,2017

    My family was very poor when I was young, and thus I set a goal in my heart: I can’t live in this way for my whole life, and I must rise above others ...

  • Reflection on a Picture: Is It Right to Look at Matters Only Externally?

    Jun 18,2017

    By Chenxi There are two rabbits in the picture, one rabbit thinks he has gotten a big carrot since its leaves appear large on the outside and thus ...

  • a sister is reading a book

    I Have Found the True Path of Life

    Jun 8,2017

    Chen Jun In my childhood, my family was poor. We were often bullied by others due to having no money or power. I remember when I was a teenager, once ...

  • Realization of Fate

    Realization of Fate

    Jun 1,2017

    By Cheng Yi I am an ambitious and arrogant woman. When I was thirty years old, my husband overstepped the bounds, abandoning my daughter and me. So, I...

  • I Cannot Dominate My Fate

    I Cannot Dominate My Fate

    May 23,2017

    Jiajia    Singapore When I was eight years old, my dad could not get over the shock of my mother dying. He neglected his job, squandered all the savin...

  • My Firmest Answer

    My Firmest Answer

    May 13,2017

    By Leilei Yesterday, my aunt came to my house and invited me to join her to start a business, to make our way in the world, and she asked me to think ...

  • I No Longer Worship Knowledge

    I No Longer Worship Knowledge

    May 3,2017

    By Ruth United States I Degenerated as My Heart Strayed From God I was told in the Sunday school when I was a child that God is the Creator and that ...

  • Eyes


    Mar 31,2017

    Wenli Everyone has a pair of eyes, and every animal has a pair of eyes, which are given by God at the beginning of creation. That is absolutely fair. ...

  • The Heaven in My Dreams

    The Heaven in My Dreams

    Mar 31,2017

    By Qiu Guo Childhood dreams were sprinkled across the star-twinkling night sky. The Lord led me forward, His warm hand holding mine tightly. Looking u...

  • money

    The Choice Between Life and Wealth

    Mar 3,2017

    By Zhuiqiu It is said that man’s desire for wealth should have its limits. However, few can achieve this in real life. There was a couple who used to ...

  • Who Rules Over My Fate?

    Who Rules Over My Fate?

    Feb 10,2017

    Wu Ming When I was nine years old, my father died of illness. Thereafter, my mother had to work outside the home to feed three of us siblings. As she ...

  • The Greatest Wisdom Is to Lift Up God and Look Upon Him

    The Greatest Wisdom Is to Lift Up God and Look Upon Him

    Jan 18,2017

    God simply requires us to have faith in Him, to look to God, give our own heart to God and follow God’s lead. This way, people can receive the work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Embarking on the Path of Belief in God

    Embarking on the Path of Belief in God

    Jan 10,2017

    Rongguang    Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province In 1991, by the grace of God, I began to follow Almighty God because of an illness. At that time I did...

  • Deliverance From the Desperate Straits

    Deliverance From the Desperate Straits

    Jan 7,2017

    By Zhao Guangming In the early 1980s, I was in my 30s and worked in a construction company. As I was young, strong, and honest and had a perfect maste...

  • Praise God

    The Work of God Is So Wise!

    Dec 21,2016

    Shiji Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province During my time working as a leader in the church, my leader would often share examples of others’ failures to se...

  • share experience

    Only God’s Love Is Real

    Dec 20,2016

     Xiaodong    Sichuan Province God said, “The Chinese nation that has been corrupt for thousands of years persists to this day, with every kind of viru...

  • mirror

    Using God’s Word as a Mirror

    Dec 19,2016

    Wu Xia    Linyi City, Shandong Province After accepting this work and eating and drinking the word of God, it became obvious to me that it is very imp...

  • The Church of Almighty God

    I Experienced God’s Salvation

    Dec 18,2016

    Cheng Hao    Yongzhou City, Hunan Province By the grace of God, my wife and I were promoted to the second-line gospel team to fulfill our duties. A li...

  • The Church of Almighty God

    An Understanding of Being Saved

    Dec 16,2016

    by Lin Qing Over these several years of following God, I have given up the enjoyments of my family and the flesh, and I have been busy all day fulfill...

  • The Only Way to Avoid Disaster

    The Only Way to Avoid Disaster

    Nov 30,2016

    By Chaotuo Ever since the Sichuan earthquake, I have always been fearful and worried that I might someday be struck by disaster. Particularly as I’ve ...

  • Hurry and Come to the Light

    Hurry and Come to the Light

    Nov 28,2016

    Chaotuo If the pressure of life, study, and work wears you out, if the deception and fraud between people exhausts you both mentally and physically, ...


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