Love God

Have You Constrained God?

If what God did is not the same as we think, how should we treat it to be after God’s heart?

Sermon: What Is Genuinely Following God

Pursuing the truth can let us know God and live an authentic life. That is to say, after we understand some truths, we will have true faith in God and will be able to genuinely follow, obey and serve God. If we do not have any truths, can we genuinely..

Are You Dealing With God?

By Li Xin In this mundane world, and in the vast sea of humanity, it’s because of the Lord’s selection and blessings that we can be so lucky to become Christians. And to be a Christian makes us feel glorious and proud. This word “Christian”, just as it suggests, refers..

Four Things That Christians Must Do

Four Things That Christians Must Do

—Four Fundamental Things We Must Grasp When Believing in God Here are four most fundamental things that we Christians must do in following the Lord. They are these: reading God’s word, praying to God, performing our duty and practicing God’s word. Our spiritual lives mainly include these four aspects. If..

For What Do You Believe in God?

by Liu Yan I have believed in the Lord for so many years. However, when someone asked me, “For what purpose do you believe in God?” For a moment, I didn’t know exactly what to answer. About this question, I had ever asked my brothers and sisters in the Lord...