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Reflection on Fires in Portugal

By Xiaoxiao As is reported, more than 500 fires have occurred continually in Portugal for months, causing over 100 deaths. Last week, when the fire broke out in north-central Portugal, a villager at home saw the fire in the distance and was about to drive away from home. Unexpectedly, in..

Who Is Behind Marriage Fraud?

Marriage which should be longed for by people now is reduced to a manner of fraud. The society becomes so evil and dark. Who is the one that controls all of this?

Is Parkour a Friend or a Killer?

Is parkour exactly an extreme sport that makes people look cool? Is it full of hazard or even a killer which brings death?

Walk Out of Falsehood and Worship the True God

Nowadays, the two terms, “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) and “goddess” have become the top-trending words and popular catchphrases. People frequently show their love by using words like “my Mr. Dreamy,” or “my goddess”. Some people even spit out rankings of..