Christian Life

A Study of Matthew 19:14 The Way of Becoming as Little Children

By Wang Ting Can I Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Only by Working Hard but Not Being Purified? Entering the kingdom of heaven is the goal I will pursue all my life. To this end, I often read Bible, preach the gospel and work hard for the Lord. It pays..

Where Is Our Real Shelter When Encountering Deadly Calamity?

It was reported that at 10 pm on 1st of October this year, a mass shooting occurred on Las Vegas strip in Nevada, America. When the shooting began, an outdoor countryside music concert was holding at Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino on Las Vegas Strip, with a crowd of 22,000 attending...

Are You Dealing With God?

By Li Xin In this mundane world, and in the vast sea of humanity, it’s because of the Lord’s selection and blessings that we can be so lucky to become Christians. And to be a Christian makes us feel glorious and proud. This word “Christian”, just as it suggests, refers..

I Do Not Blindly Pray For Grace And Blessings

I had been eaten up with lumbar disease and no improvement was found after taking many various dugs, so I lived every day in the torture of disease. Seeing me in pain, my neighbor preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. After coming to the church, I heard..

Behind the Parkour

By Aliang Once in a meeting, I heard one brother’s experience of practicing parkour. He said, “I got started practicing parkour in senior high school. I made up my mind to practice it after watching some related videos online. Then, I was sinking my teeth into parkour. In class, at dinner,..

What Are the Root Cause of Environmental Crises?

A group of innocent children aged five or six are happily painting their own homes. In front of them are colorful paintbrushes, but in the end the homes they painted only have one color—black, because that’s what they see. By Song Yi I saw an environmental public service advertisement titled..

The Tragedy of Religious Prayers

We Christians cannot be without prayer to God. Yet do you know how many religious prayers are there among those we make in our real life? Now please read this gospel article “The Tragedy of Religious Prayers”. by Liu Shuo, Henan Province One day, I came back home from the..

Four Things That Christians Must Do

Four Things That Christians Must Do

—Four Fundamental Things We Must Grasp When Believing in God Here are four most fundamental things that we Christians must do in following the Lord. They are these: reading God’s word, praying to God, performing our duty and practicing God’s word. Our spiritual lives mainly include these four aspects. If..