Christian Life

Review of Xiaozhen’s Story: A Mirror of Life

By Ruochen, Japan Last month, Xiaozhen’s Story, a Christian musical attracted much attention in the Christian Film Festival in Virginia, USA, picking up 9 awards, including best director, best original screenplay, and best musical score. It is the seventh time this musical won prizes in film festivals abroad. Xiaozhen’s Story..

Who Is Behind Marriage Fraud?

Marriage which should be longed for by people now is reduced to a manner of fraud. The society becomes so evil and dark. Who is the one that controls all of this?

Is Parkour a Friend or a Killer?

Is parkour exactly an extreme sport that makes people look cool? Is it full of hazard or even a killer which brings death?

Review of Knocking at the Door: Opening the Doors of People’s Hearts

By Su Yongxin, Greece When I first encountered this film, it was the poster for it that attracted my attention. Then the title surprised me. Doesn’t it just mean that someone is knocking at the door? How could anyone shoot a film concerning knocking at the door? I guess the..

Review of From the Jaws of Death: Coming Back to Life From “Death”

By Xiaoke, Switzerland Today, I would like to talk about a legendary gospel movie From the Jaws of Death. Maybe those who are familiar with the Bible all know that the Lord Jesus once performed the miracle of resurrecting Lazarus in the Age of Grace (See Job 11:43-44). I wondered..