How Do Christians Treat Others? Learn 4 Principles

In this complex society, we have to deal with all kinds of people every day. Each person’s personality, hobbies, habits, temperament, etc. are all different, so in our interactions some conflicts an

How to Have a Good Relationship With Colleagues

Hello Sister Liu Yan, Everything that has happened makes me very depressed. I’m a company’s leader, and whenever I see my colleagues don’t work enthusiastically and their poor efficiency, I u

A Young Christian’s Testimony: Saying Goodbye to Jealousy

By Jianding, Hong Kong Editor’s note: In daily life, we are often jealous of people who are better than us and even may dislike and contend with them. The author of this article once lived in jea

How to Improve Terrible Interpersonal Relationships

The lost lamb: Hello everyone! I have a question, hoping you can help me. I’m a pushy person with a bad temper. When interacting with others, if they don’t do things according to what I’ve sa

How to Maintain Friendships in Face of Profits

By Lizhi Xu Jiao was an apprentice in a cake shop. Because of the increase of customers, a new apprentice called A’nan was employed. She and Xu Jiao are alike in age, and both of them are Christi

Interpersonal Relationships: 4 Tips to Easily Interact With Others

By Wang Jing Interacting with others is a profound lesson for everyone, and Christians are no exception. We all want to handle interpersonal relationships well. So I would like to share with you four

Living in a Shared House, I Learned to Love One Another

When I lived in a shared house with several sisters in the Lord, although there were many frictions, we learned to love one another under the guidance of God’s word.

4 Principles Make You Get Along Well With Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Is it hard to love and get along well with brothers and sisters in Christ? Four principles will help you.

When I Want to Take Revenge on My Friend Who Betrayed Me …

After my friend, who carried on the business in combination with me for ten years, betrayed me, I once wanted to take revenge on him. But fortunately, God’s word made me cool as a cucumber on this m

How to Stop Comparisons?

With the help of God’s word, I was finally relieved and no longer jealous of the new learner’s good performance in the music training class.