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Christians Get Sick

4 Things Every Christian Should Remember When Getting Sick

It’s not the case that as long as we believe in God, we will not get sicknesses, nor will we need see a doctor or take medicine during sickness. As Christians, we should remember 4 things when getting sick, so that what we do can be after Jesus’ will.

Fruit tree

Who’s the Person With God’s Guidance? Know Them by Their Fruits

When we hear someone preaching the gospel of the second coming of Jesus, we only need to seek and investigate according to the Lord’s Jesus teaching: You shall know them by their fruits. In this way, we will know whether or not what they preach is the true way.

How Many Aspects of God’s Disposition Do You Know

When the Lord Jesus showed His mercy and forbearance toward mankind, we can feel His merciful and compassionate disposition; when the Lord Jesus cursed and condemned the Pharisees, do you feel His majestic and wrathful disposition?

Why God Blessed Job - Bible study

Why God Blessed Job

I always didn’t understand the reason why Job cursed the day of his birth in the midst of trial, but why did God still bless him? Later I got my years of confusion solved in a book, then admired Job even more.