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Blessed Are Your Eyes — Matthew 13:16

Blessed Are Your Eyes - Matthew 13:16

“But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear” (John10:30).

From this verse, I can feel God’s love for us humans. God not only created all things providing us with a living environment, but also bestowed upon us the organs with which we can understand God’s word. Just as God’s word says, “From the beginning until today, only man has been capable of conversing with God. That is, among all living things and creatures of God, none but man has been able to converse with God. Man has ears that enable him to hear, and eyes that let him see, he has language, and his own ideas, and free will. He is possessed of all that is required to hear God speak, and understand God’s will, and accept God’s commission, and so God confers all His wishes upon man, wanting to make man a companion who is of the same mind with Him and who can walk with Him. Since He began to manage, God has been waiting for man to give his heart to Him, to let God purify and equip it, to make him satisfactory to God and loved by God, to make him revere God and shun evil. God has ever looked forward to and awaited this outcome.” God treats us humans as His companions, and has placed His wishes and trust in us. So we should be of one mind with Him and bring comfort to His heart.

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