God’s Word “Man Can Only Be Saved in God’s Management”

Almighty God says, “Every bit of God’s management work drips with God’s love and mercy. No matter whether man can understand God’s thoughtful kind intention, he is still persistently doing the work he intends to accomplish. No matter how much man knows about God’s management, the help and benefit God’s work brings to man can be experienced by everyone. Maybe today you have not felt any love or supply of life from God, but as long as you do not leave God and do not give up your determination to pursue the truth, one day God’s smiling face will appear to you. This is because the purpose of God’s management work is to regain the mankind under satan’s authority, not to give up the mankind who is corrupted by satan and resists him.”

The Covenant of Rainbow
In “Rainbow Covenant”, collects true experiences of Christians bearing testimony for God: various articles and videos about family life, social life, and perception of life as well as the testimonies of new believers overcoming the temptation of Satan. They are all testifying about God’s love and salvation to the world.
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  1. Thank you for the word of God you have supply to the World ,it is the the power that is affect the devil,We stand together to fight the a great enemy in this world that was affected with the evil things,i ask you to join us in Rwanda to have seminars for the savants of God as your gift God Has trusted you in our generation to have change through the Holy Spirit and you.
    May God bless you.
    Pst Rukundo Celestin

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