Be Down-to-earth, Find Correct Position in Life

By Xiaocao

Ring, ring. With the school bell ringing, the little mice all returned to the classroom swiftly.

During the class, the mouse teacher asked: “Everyone, what do you dream to be when you grow up?”

A fattish and strong mouse said with full confidence: “I want to master the skill of digging holes and become the most capable mouse to build houses for others and myself after growing up.”

Another thin and long mouse, reluctant to show weakness, clenched its fists, saying: “I’m determined to practice jumping and long-distance running and become a nimble and brave mouse that can protect my family and myself from our enemies.”

The little mice twittered, each talking about its dream and ideal about life with burning passion and excitement. Looking around, the mouse teacher nodded with satisfaction.

At that time, the mouse Jimmy said loudly: “I don’t want to be a mouse; I wish to be as strong as an elephant and do the same job as elephants do!”

Hearing this, the little mice all looked at Jimmy in amazement, boos echoing in the classroom.

“Good! We can only be mice all our life, but you are promising. What’s important to you at present is learning hard,” the mouse teacher praised. Thus, Jimmy began to study hard and its performance was quite excellent.

Later, Jimmy graduated from high school, entered the university and then finally gained the degree certificate.

But it’s a pity that even with a certificate, Jimmy was not employed by anyone. It couldn’t find a job as elephants did but was still unwilling to do the job of mice.

“Jimmy, don’t worry.” its old classmates said, “You are still young with many jobs to choose. We are born to be mice, so why not exert our ability as a mouse? You will be very tired if you continue striving to be an elephant. See, none of us have become an elephant, but now we all find a suitable job and lead a good life as well!”

Seeing that all its old classmates have had a family and a good job while it itself had achieved nothing, Jimmy couldn’t help feeling kind of sad. Yet thinking of its own lofty ideal, it cheered up again, saying: “Humph, how meaningless to be a mouse! My dream will definitely come true!” Jimmy comforted itself, “I must have confidence!”

However, Jimmy was fancying its life ideal when a wild cat dashed out from behind, pouncing on Jimmy at once. Without the slightest effort, it caught and ate Jimmy who had never practiced the long-distance running.


In fact, we vary in living environment, talent, and innate caliber, etc. And the abilities of us and the roles we play are different as well. The one who wants to reach for what is beyond his grasp will achieve nothing in the end. Only when we find our places well, clarify our objectives, and keep our feet on the ground can we realize the value of our life. As God’s words say: “In all that they do, people should not be blind, and they should not be overambitious, or reach for what is beyond their grasp. They must be pragmatic, measured and deliberate, they must have clear objectives, and take things one step at a time. In this way, everything you do or learn will be of practical use. … You must take each step as it comes, first clarifying your objective” (“Only With the Truth as Their Life Can People Live a Life of Value”).


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