The Story About Thick Neck and Thin Neck

Jingyuan A long time ago, there was a small island, where people’s necks were thick for lack of iodine. However, the residents weren’t aware and thought their necks were quite normal. Because all the people of the island were like this from generation to generation. One day, a geologist came..

An Ignorant Christian

One day, out of boredom, I chose one of my child’s unorganized storybooks and read it aimlessly. One storiette stroke a chord with me. An adventurous Christian and his companions went deep into the mountain to experience its mystery as they arranged. But when the night fell, he was out..

Letters Carrying Good News

Zhang Hao I was a junior leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In order to look after the Lord’s flock well, I read the Bible and recited its famous chapters and verses every day, and the Bible became my lifeblood. In a co-workers meeting, Elder Chang of our Church..

God’s Love Accompanied Me in Satan’s Disturbance

De Ling In 2008, my mother preached to me the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. But due to the influence of the atheistic education of China, I felt that God was too strange to me, and I could not understand God’s words. So, a sister of the Church of Almighty..

Same Job, Different Outcomes

Yang Lin Not long ago, I heard a piece of surprising news from one of my colleagues that Xiaozhang, who worked with us in our unit before, had been put into prison for falsification of accounts and embezzlement. After I got home, I pondered about this over and again. In..