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Do You Know God’s Will Behind the Disasters Springing up Everywhere

Recently, all major news medias have been reporting the great disasters in many countries. On Sep. 4, Japan was hit by Typhoon Jebi which was Japan’s strongest storm in the past 25 years. The typhoon caused Kansai International Airport located on the man-made island in Osaka Bay to be almost..

How to Approach the Bible

How to Approach the Bible?

By Chen Feng, China At a corner of a park, there stands an octagonal pavilion. Every morning, a young man would sit in it reading the Bible carefully, and an old man would go to the park for a walk. Every time the old man came around the corner, they..

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How to Rid Ourselves of the Fear of Death

How to Rid Ourselves of the Fear of Death

By Su Hui, China Recently Xiaoxi moved to a house in a courtyard. There was an octogenarian in the landlord’s family, who lived in a side room and whose kitchen was small and shabby. In the courtyard, most times the old woman was seen doing her own things silently: washing..