The Greatest Wisdom Is to Lift Up God and Look Upon Him

Lingxin    Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province A few days ago, I read a passage from “The Way to Entering Into Reality” in Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entry IV: “For example, now there is someone who has taken a wrong turn. Using this as a talking point to communicate the truth, how..

Judgment Is Not Condemnation

Enhui    Malaysia In 2015, I was sent to work in another city by my unit. At that time, because of being stuck at work, I could not go to church every Sunday. After getting married, my husband was an unbeliever and I just arrived in a new environment, so..

Look, The Truth Reigns Here

Zhang Chao I am an ordinary believer in the Church of Almighty God. Exalted by God, I was assigned to fulfill hosting duty. I often had meetings with Sister Zhao, an upper-level leader of the church. From her talk in the meetings, I realized that she didn’t coordinate harmoniously with..