Peter as An Exemplar and Model

Peter as An Exemplar and Model

Whenever Peter is mentioned, everyone is full of praise and will immediately recall the things concerning him such as his denying God three times, once doing service for satan and thus tempting God, yet being crucified upside down for God in the end, and so on. Now I will mainly tell you about how Peter knew me as well as his final outcome. Peter was good in qualities; however, his situation was different from Paul’s. His parents were persecutors of me and were devils occupied by satan, so they could not possibly teach anything to him. He was intelligent and gifted and was very much loved by his parents from his childhood. However, when he grew up, he became an “enemy” of his parents, because he kept pursuing to know me and thus forsook his parents. For he first believed that the heavens and the earth and all things were in the hand of the Almighty, and that all positive things originated from God and directly came from God without having been “processed” by satan. With his parents serving as the setoff from the negative aspect, he better knew my lovingkindness and mercy, which even more stirred up his heart of seeking me. Not only did he pay attention to eating and drinking my word, but even more he paid attention to touching my will, and he was careful in heart at all times. So, he was always very sensitive in his spirit and could be after my heart in doing everything. In daily life, he paid attention to referring to the lessons of the past failures to admonish himself, being fearful that he might fall into the net of failure. And he also paid attention to drawing faith and love from all those who loved God throughout the generations. So, he not only grew on the negative side, but, more to the point, he grew faster on the positive side. As a result, he became a man who had most knowledge before me. Thus, it is not hard to imagine that he had put his everything in my hand, and even in eating, dressing, sleeping, and dwelling, he did not follow his own will, but enjoyed my riches on the basis of satisfying me in everything. For many times I tried him. Of course, he was tortured to be half dead. However, in the hundreds of trials, he did not lose faith or become disappointed with me even once. Even when I said that I had discarded him, he was not discouraged or disappointed, and still loved me in a practical way according to his former principle of practice. When I told him that even if he loved me, I did not approve him, and I would throw him into satan’s hand in the end, in such a trial of word in which nothing came upon his flesh, he still prayed to me, “O God! Is there any person, any thing, or any matter among the heavens and the earth and all things not in the hand of you, the Almighty? When you show mercy to me, my heart is greatly happy because of your mercy. When you carry out judgment on me, I, though unworthy of it, feel more deeply how profound your deeds are, because you are full of authority and wisdom. Although I suffer in the flesh, I am comforted in the spirit. How can I not utter praise for your wisdom and deeds? Even if you let me die after I know you, am I not perfectly willing? O the Almighty! Are you really unwilling to let me see you? Am I really unworthy of your judgment? Is there something in me that you hate to see?” In such a trial, although Peter could not touch my will accurately, it well shows that he took pride in and was proud of being used by me (even if it was to receive my judgment so that others would see my majesty and wrath), and was not depressed because of being tried. Due to his faithfulness before me and due to my blessing for him, he served as an exemplar and model for men over thousands of years. Isn’t it just what you should imitate? Here you should ponder much as to why I use so large space to tell Peter’s story. This should be your principle of acting.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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