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Almighty God’s Word Leads Me to Associate Normally with Others

By Xiaolin

I am 22 years old. “Being young and extremely frivolous” is a true portrayal of people around my age. I, young and inexperienced, was willful and arrogant, and didn’t know how to sympathize and forbear with others. Because of knowing some computer skills, I thought low of everyone else around me, including my mother.

I remember once when my mother wanted to learn to use computer, she asked me to teach her. I agreed gladly, thinking, “Operating computer is a piece of cake for me. I can play all computer games and use all software immediately after I come into contact with them. I learn without teacher. Since my mother asked me for help, it shows that I’m pretty good!” Thinking about this, I couldn’t help becoming complacent…. As my mother knew nothing about computer, she learned very slowly. At first, I taught her patiently, but seeing she still couldn’t use it after I taught her several times, I became impatient and said angrily, “Mom, I’ve taught you so many times. Why haven’t you learned it yet?” At the same time, I thought in my heart, “The older are really stupid. How clever we the young are! We are quick to learn….” Then, when I saw my mother held the mouse but didn’t know how to click, I became so impatient that I simply pushed her hand aside and began to operate the computer on my own. My mother noticed my gesture of impatience, but she said nothing and kept listening to me patiently. However, I showed no consideration for her feeling, and even took it lightly. Actually, I did many things like that.

Another time, I stayed with an old brother. Because there was a great disparity in our ages and living habits, I always found fault with him: I complained that the meals he made were too execrable to eat; every time we were sharing knowledge and experiences at the meeting, I would complain about him being long-winded and be weary of listening to his fellowship, so much so that sometimes I even interrupted him and talked ceaselessly. I thought I was young and of excellent caliber, and that I talked better…. Later, through reading God’s words, I realized that I didn’t live out a normal humanity. Almighty God says, “The youth should not be full of craftiness or contempt for others, and should not do destructive and abominable things. … The youth should not resign themselves meekly, but rather should be broad-minded and have the spirit of forgiving the brothers and sisters.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) Through the disclosure of God’s words, brothers read newspaper_God's WordI came to realize my corrupt disposition of arrogance, self-rightness, and having no tolerance, forbearance and patience at all while associating with others. All these are not the likeness a young man should have. Then, I thought of my past deeds and actions and came to realize how much I hurt others around me. Later, I read Almighty God’s words, “… You older brothers and sisters are also fit for some functions, and God does not abandon you. In older brothers and sisters, there are also desirable parts and undesirable parts. Older brothers and sisters have more philosophies of life, more religious notions, and more principles of doing things, and are always prone to follow regulations formulaically and do things mechanically, inflexible and too rigid. These are not the desirable parts. But you older brothers and sisters are composed and self-possessed when encountering things, are stable in temperament, and do not blow hot and cold but are always persistent. It is only that you are a little slow in understanding things, but that is not a big problem. Both young and older brothers and sisters should know the functions you yourselves should perform. The young should not be arrogant, and the older should not be passive or draw back. And you should complement each other, minister to each other, and hold no prejudice against each other, so that a bridge of friendship can be built between you young and older brothers and sisters, and you can understand each other better because of God’s love. Young brothers and sisters do not look down upon the older brothers and sisters, and the older brothers and sisters are not self-right. Isn’t this a harmonious coordination? If you all have this resolution, the will of God will surely be accomplished in your generation.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From God’s words, I saw that although the older brothers and sisters are a little slower in understanding things, they have many merits the young don’t possess. It is God’s will that the young and the older could complement each other and coordinate harmoniously. In the words of God, I found the way to practice and I realized that I should never behave arrogantly and conceitedly as in the past, yet should seek a transformation of my disposition to satisfy God.

Once, later on, my mother made some mistakes in mobile internet settings, and asked me to help her solve the problem. I thought: How come it is so difficult for you to learn something? When I was just about to make complaints, I thought of Almighty God’s words, “The young should not be arrogant, and the older should not be passive or draw back. And you should complement each other, minister to each other, and hold no prejudice against each other, so that a bridge of friendship can be built between you young and older brothers and sisters, and you can understand each other better because of God’s love.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) Through the enlightenment of God’s words I realized that I exposed my arrogance again and didn’t treat others fairly. While pondering over God’s words, I patiently taught my mother and explained to her whatever she didn’t understand. Thereafter, I could properly treat the problems my mother encountered while she using computer and cellphone, explain to her with patience, and practice according to God’s word. Step by step, I took a much more peaceful attitude and learned to complement each other. When my mother and I encountered some difficulties, we could open our hearts to fellowship and seek help from each other; while getting along with brothers and sisters, I learned to put myself aside and absorb others’ merits. Gradually, I find brothers and sisters have many merits which I don’t have, and a bridge of friendship is built between me and brothers and sisters, and between the elder and me. It is all the effect Almighty God’s word has achieved on me, a young man. Thank God!

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