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Some people believe that one must believe in God according to the Bible. Can one be saved by believing in God in the Bible?

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“Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And you will not come to me, that you might have life.” (Joh 5:39-40)

The answer from God’s word:

Only the work of God can save man; the Bible cannot, it has not changed for thousands of years, and if you worship it you will never receive the work of the Holy Spirit.

from “Concerning the Bible (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

People have studied the Bible for years upon years, making many explanations, expending vast amounts of effort, arguing endlessly over their differences of opinion, and these many disagreements have given rise to the two-thousand-odd sects in existence today. Everyone plumbs the Bible for extraordinary interpretations or deeper mysteries, and everyone probes the Bible trying to uncover the backgrounds of Jehovah’s work in Israel or of Jesus’ work in Judea, or many other mysteries unknown to others. People’s attitude toward the Bible is one of obsession and ‘faith’; no one is completely clear on its true story and substance. And so the atmosphere of unspeakable mysticism surrounding the Bible has persisted until this day, and people’s obsession and ‘faith’ grow ever more fervent. Now people look to the Bible for predictions of the work of the last days, wanting to discover what work God will perform in the last days and what signs of the last days will be. And so people’s veneration of the Bible grows ever more intense, and as the last days draw nearer, people give more credence to the biblical predictions, particularly those concerning the last days. Because they put so much blind faith and trust in the Bible, people have no heart to seek out the work of the Holy Spirit. People have the notion that only the Bible can bring forth the work of the Holy Spirit, that only in the Bible can one find the footprints of God, that only the Bible hides the mysteries of God’s work. They believe that only the Bible can lay bare everything of God and the entirety of His work, and that no other books, no other men, can do so. They think that the Bible can bring the work of heaven onto earth, can begin and end eras. Having settled upon these notions, people have no interest in seeking out the work of the Holy Spirit. And so, though the Bible was of great help to people in the past, for God’s latest work it has become an obstacle. If it were not for the Bible, people could look elsewhere for God’s footprints. But today, the Bible has ‘control’ over God’s footprints, and the broadening of God’s latest work has come to an extremely difficult pass and can proceed no further, thanks to its well-known chapters and verses and many of its prophecies. The Bible has become an idol in people’s hearts, an enigma in their minds. They simply cannot bring themselves to believe that God can work outside of the Bible, that it is possible to find God apart from it, much less that God, in His final work, would depart from the Bible and make a new start. People cannot contemplate these things; they find them unbelievable, unimaginable. The Bible is now a great stumbling block, keeping people from accepting God’s new work, and makes it hard for Him to spread it.

from “Concerning the Bible (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Bible is a history book. If during the Age of Grace you were to eat and drink the Old Testament, practicing the requirements of the Old Testament age, then Jesus would forsake you, condemn you. If you had tried to impose the Old Testament on Jesus’ work, you would have been called a Pharisee. And so today, if you eat and drink and practice the Old and New Testaments, then the God of today will condemn you; you cannot keep pace with the work of the Holy Spirit today. If you eat the Old and New Testaments, then you are one outside the stream of the Holy Spirit. …

Jesus’ task in the age of the New Testament was to begin a new work. He did not follow the work of the Old Testament, did not impose the words of Jehovah onto His work. He had His own job to do, some newer work, work that was above the law. And so He said, ‘Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.’ In keeping with the task He needed to accomplish, He broke many rules. He led the disciples through a wheatfield where they plucked and ate ears of grain. He did not observe the Sabbath, and He said, ‘The Son of man is the Lord of the Sabbath.’ According to the customs of the Israelites, anyone who did not observe the Sabbath should be stoned to death, but Jesus did not go into the temple or observe the Sabbath. The work that Jesus did, Jehovah did not do in the days of the Old Testament. And so Jesus’ work overstepped Old Testament law, surpassed it, did not adhere to it. In the Age of Grace Jesus did not abide by Old Testament law, and broke those rules. Now some people insist on adhering rigidly to the Bible, particularly to Old Testament law; are they not denying Jesus’ work? Some say that the Bible is a holy book, which they are obligated to read; and some say that God’s work must never be abolished, and since the Old Testament is God’s covenant with the Israelites, it cannot be abolished, and the Sabbath must be observed forever. Are not such people grossly ridiculous? Why, then, did Jesus break the Sabbath? Did He sin? Can anyone truly understand this? Human powers of reception are not great enough to know God’s work regardless of how much one reads the Bible. Not only can he not gain a pure understanding of God, but instead his notions become more and more severe, to the point that he begins to resist God. If God had not been incarnated today, all humanity would be ruined by their own notions, and die amid God’s chastisement.

from “Concerning the Bible (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

To understand God’s work in the Age of Law and how the Israelites followed Jehovah’s way, you must read the Old Testament. To understand His work in the Age of Grace, you must read the New Testament. How will you understand the work of the last days, then? You have to accept God’s guidance and enter into His work today, because this is the new work, which no one could record beforehand in the Bible. Today God has been incarnated and elected some people in China. In these people God is performing His work, continuing His work on earth, continuing the work of the Age of Grace. The work of today is a path that no one has ever walked before, a way that no one has ever seen. It is work that has never been done before; it is God’s latest work on earth. So, the work that has not yet been done is not history, as the present is present, and it is not yet past. Few know that God is now undertaking a greater, newer work on earth outside of Israel, exceeding the scope of Israel and the predictions of the prophets. It is a singular new work, untold of in prophecy, a new work taking place outside of Israel, which man cannot fathom and never could have thought of. How could such work be recorded explicitly in the Bible? Who could have recorded every single detail of today’s work in advance? Who could have documented this greater, wiser, convention-defying work in that moldy old book? The work of today is not history. Hence, if you want to walk the new path today, you have to leave the Bible behind, step beyond the limits of the books of prophecy and history. Only in this way can you follow the new path successfully, enter into the new realm, the new work.

from “Concerning the Bible (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Now that there is a higher way, why study the obsolete and lower way? Now that there is new word, new work, why live in the old history record? The new word can supply you; it shows that this is new work. The old records cannot sate you, cannot satisfy your present desires; it proves that they are history, not today’s work. The highest way is the newest work. And when there is new work, the old way, no matter how high, becomes history to be recalled by men. No matter how valuable it is as a reference, it is still an old way. The old way is history, even if recorded in the holy book. The new way is reality, even if it is not mentioned on a single page of the holy book. This way can save you and transform you, for it is the work of the Holy Spirit.

from “Concerning the Bible (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who are controlled by regulations, by letters, and shackled by history will never be able to gain life, and will never be able to gain the perpetual way of life. That is because all they have is turbid water that has lain stagnant for thousands of years, instead of the water of life that flows from the throne. Those who are not supplied with the water of life will forever remain corpses, playthings of Satan, and sons of hell. How, then, can they behold God? If you only try to hold on to the past, only try to keep things as they are by standing still, and do not try to change the status quo and discard history, then will you not always be against God? The steps of God’s work are vast and mighty, like surging waves and rolling thunders—yet you sit and passively await destruction, sticking to your folly and doing nothing. In this way, how can you be considered someone who follows in the footsteps of the Lamb? How can you justify the God that you hold on to as a God who is always new and never old? And how can the words of your yellowed books carry you across the threshold of the new age? How can they lead you to seek the steps of God’s work? And how can they take you up to heaven? What you hold in your hands is the letters that can provide but temporary solace, not the truths that are capable of giving life. The scriptures you read are that which can only enrich your tongue, not words of wisdom that can help you know human life, much less the ways that can lead you to perfection. … look at who is working now, at who is now carrying out the work of saving man during the last days. If you do not, you shall never gain the truth, and shall never gain life.

from “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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