A Testimony of Return to God: A Doctor’s Journey Home

Gensui    United States

I am a doctor. Like many people in the world, I also hoped to have a successful career and a happy family. In 2000, I met my wife, who was a clever and able woman. After we married, I worked and my wife stayed home to take care of the house. We kept everything in order and lived a very happy life. Later on, we started a clinic in town. And after much hard work, our clinic became well-known. People in the surrounding villages all came to our clinic. However, as our business prospered and we made more money, my social activities naturally increased. Every time my friends invited me to go out, I got very drunk. My wife thought it inappropriate for me to eat, drink, and carouse and spend lavishly in this way. But I felt that if I refused my friends, it would hurt their feelings and make it hard for me to get along with them in the future. Because of different views we always argued over such matters, and we no longer lived in harmony.

In 2007, someone preached to my wife the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. After she followed Almighty God, I noticed she gradually changed. When I went out to have dinner with my friends and came back home with fumes of liquor, she didn’t quarrel with me anymore; instead, she was tolerant and patient with me, pouring water for me and wiping my face…. Even though she reproached me sometimes, she spoke in a persuasive tone, instead of arguing with me. Besides a big change in her attitude toward me and our family, my wife also changed in dealing with the things in the work. Medical practitioners all know that the most dreadful thing to a doctor is the occurrence of drug allergy when he gives injections and infusions to the patients, for with some people, their allergy to a certain drug can’t be detected through skin test. A patient with a severe allergy will die in minutes. So, whenever I encountered such a situation, I was especially nervous and fearful. However, my wife, after believing in Almighty God, didn’t panic at all in the face of such a thing, but was particularly calm. I was delighted at these changes of my wife.

At the end of 2012, the kingdom gospel of Almighty God was greatly expanded in China, and my wife went out to preach the gospel more frequently. Just at that time, the CCP government frantically spread the words of slandering and condemning Almighty God and His church through the broadcasts of CCTV and other media. They said that people in the Church of Almighty God didn’t make money and live their life properly; they went out to preach the gospel every day…. The broadcasts caused a stir immediately. Because my wife often went out preaching the gospel, she became a target of public criticism, and was pointed at by people around. I could hardly bear it and thought: Because my wife goes out to preach the gospel, all my family are criticized by others. It’s more profitable to earn money than to go out preaching. Besides, my wife and other believers of the Church of Almighty God are always very cautious when going in and out of our house. What do they fear? … I could hardly understand all that. So I began to dissuade my wife from believing in God and performing her duty. But my wife didn’t listen at all. She explained to me, “All the news reported on TV are rumors, are false. Believing in God is walking the right way of human life. It is heaven’s law and earth’s principle for man to believe in God and worship God. And preaching the gospel is also man’s duty that must be fulfilled. …” During that period of time, I had always tried to dissuade her, but she still insisted on believing in Almighty God and preaching the gospel. Later, my parents heard of her belief in God and believed the words of the media. They asked me to divorce my wife. Under the pressure from my parents and the world, I felt really stressed out. Because I had been loving my wife, I was not willing to divorce her. In this dilemma and agony, I conferred with my wife and decided to stay out of the trouble. As I had had the thought to go abroad before, we gave up the business we managed painstakingly for many years, and left our hometown for the United States.

In June 2013, my wife and I arrived in San Francisco and then went to Chicago. In that period, our life was bitter because we didn’t speak English and could not find jobs. Later, we learned that there were lots of Chinese in New York and that it was easy to find a job there, so we came to New York. Soon after our arrival, I saw in the streets the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God preaching the gospel publicly, with the tables beside them, on which were various books of Almighty God’s word. They patiently testified about Almighty God’s work of the last days to the people who were willing to seek and investigate it and gave the books to them for free. I had never seen such scene in China. The fact fully convinced me that “China has freedom of religion” was altogether a deception. Only then did I believe the explanation of my wife: It is because of the persecution and condemnation of the CCP government that the believers of Almighty God are always very cautious and do not dare to preach the gospel publicly in Mainland China. They do so in order to avoid being followed and hunted by the police. Then my wife contacted the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God. Through my real contact with them, I found they were totally different from the secular people. The secular people chose to contact someone according to whether he had money and whether he was useful to them, but the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God were different. They were very honest and sincere. Seeing that we had no friends or relations in America, they helped us in every way, carrying the luggage, finding a hotel, and renting a house…. Whatever our difficulty, they did their best to help us, without seeking anything from us for what they had done. Their values and outlook on life were really different from those of the secular people.

In the blink of an eye it was September of 2016. One day I said to my wife jokingly, “I don’t think you’re kindhearted.” With a smile my wife asked, “What have I done to displease you?” I replied, “You preach the gospel to others every day; why do you not preach such a wonderful gospel to me?” She said seriously, “Do you really want to listen? The Church of Almighty God has principles in preaching the gospel, which is only preached to those who are willing to accept. If you are unwilling but I force you into the church by my emotion, it is not after God’s heart. If you really want to believe in Almighty God, I will tell it to my sisters in the church and ask them to fellowship with you in detail so that you will be clear about God’s work of the last days.” On the next day after supper, Sister Ling Min came to testify to me about Almighty God’s work of the last days. My wife said to me, “You can speak out your questions, then we can have a discussion and find the words of God to solve them.” Sister Ling Min also said, “Yeah, brother, if you have any question, you can raise it. The words of Almighty God can solve all of man’s problems.” So I asked, “Sister, why do people say believers in Almighty God don’t make money?” She said, “Brother, it’s rumored that believers in Almighty God do not live their lives properly and do not make money. In fact, it is a misunderstanding toward people of the Church of Almighty God. Almighty God has never required man not to work or live life. God created humanity and so He arranged the life of every individual. Our everything is in God’s hand, including our career and family. What kind of life one will live in the world has been predestined by God. But God does not hope that man worries about and lives for material things. The reason why people now live in pain is that they don’t believe in God’s sovereignty and always live in various desires. They have no right values and views of life and have become slaves of money and material things. These things are the means that Satan uses to corrupt mankind. Because man has no truth and cannot see through this, the Lord Jesus came back, who is the incarnate Almighty God. He expresses all the truths necessary for man’s salvation so that man will see through Satan’s schemes, thoroughly break free from Satan’s bondage and control, and thus live in God’s light and gain true happiness. Take me for example. My husband is a real estate developer and our living conditions are very good. Our son is obedient and does exceedingly well in his studies. But I was not happy in my heart and felt life was empty. Especially when I saw the social unhealthy tendency, I was afraid that my husband, who had money, would learn to do ill. He was handsome and promising; in the face of various temptations from this corrupting environment, what if he fell into them? So I was suspicious of him and afraid of losing him and worried about my future all day long. I was in extreme agony, and could not sleep night after night. In the end I suffered from depression. I even thought of dying. Just as I was in agony and felt helpless, Almighty God’s work of the last days came upon me. Through reading the word of Almighty God, I understood that the reason for man’s evil is because Satan has corrupted man and the poisons of Satan have become man’s life; if man wants to truly get rid of the pain and achieve relief and freedom, he must come before God and accept the judgment of God’s word, and only then can he live out the likeness of a true man…. In Almighty God’s word I found goals in life and didn’t feel empty in my heart anymore. I felt that only God could do away with my pain and tell me the right direction of life. Moved by God’s love, I was willing to repay God’s love, to take some time and put aside a little of my own interest to cooperate with God’s gospel work. As we all returned to God as a result of being awakened by God’s word bit by bit, today even though we suffer much humiliation, misunderstanding from our families, and persecution from the government, we are still willing to bring those who haven’t heard God’s kingdom gospel before God according to our conscience. This is an act of repaying God’s love, and also a manifestation of throwing off selfishness and no longer living for ourselves.”

While listening to Sister Ling Min’s fellowship, I was deeply moved and also saw the wondrous deed of Almighty God. As I was a doctor, I knew how hard it is to cure depression. Medical treatment can’t provide a fundamental solution but can only control it temporarily. The sister was under such great mental pressure at that time, but her heart was changed and she no longer lived in pain after understanding God’s work and His intention in saving man through reading Almighty God’s word. This is really a miracle. And I also thought: These people don’t preach the gospel to others for their food, drink, or money, but merely for sharing salvation they have received from God with others. No one can do this and have such love for others except the believers in God. The sister is frank and willing to tell us her painful past to witness Almighty God’s salvation to her, which is really something that only a person with the spirit of devotion can do. At that time, there was no guardedness in my heart anymore, and I was willing to investigate Almighty God’s work of the last days more closely. The sister asked me solicitously, “Brother, can you accept my fellowship?” I nodded, smiling. She went on, “Let’s read a passage of Almighty God’s word together, then you will be more clear about why we preach the gospel.

Almighty God says: ‘to what extent did God remain patient to man and the corruption of all flesh? To the extent that all people, whether followers of God or unbelievers, were not walking the right path. To the extent that man was not just morally corrupt and full of evil, but where there was no one who believed in God’s existence, let alone anyone who believed that the world is ruled by God and that God can bring people light and the right path. To the extent that man despised God’s existence and did not permit God to exist. Once man’s corruption reached this point, God would no longer have patience. What would replace it instead? The coming of God’s wrath and God’s punishment. … Isn’t everything that happens beside you, what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears, and personally experience every day in this world full of violence? … God is able to be patient because of His work, but in accordance with all kinds of circumstances and conditions, this world should have been destroyed long ago in God’s eyes. The situation is far and beyond what it was back when the world was destroyed by flood’” (“God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh).

After reading Almighty God’s words, Sister Ling Min continued to fellowship, “Brother, from this passage of God’s word we know that both religious people and the unbelievers are not just morally corrupt and filled with evil, but also have reached the point of denying God’s existence and hating His coming. People are all living on the edge of danger. When God sends forth His wrath to mankind thoroughly, it will be the time when mankind is destroyed. Now whenever we mention the Lord Jesus has returned to flesh and is doing the work of judgment to cleanse and save man, which has fulfilled the prophecy in the Bible, ‘judgment must begin at the house of God,’ both the religious world and the CCP can’t accept it. They hate God’s coming, and hate God’s judgment even more. From this we can see that people of today are rebellious against God to the extreme, worse than people of Noah’s time; they have already reached the point of deserving destruction. Despite that, God does things in a principled way. As His intention is to save mankind, He will do all He can to save them and give them enough time to repent before His wrath comes upon them. God’s eager desire is to save all those who truly believe in Him.”

After hearing the sister’s fellowship, and comparing the current situation of humanity to the words of God, I realized: In this society, people are struggling for reputation and fortune, engaging in intrigue, and using each other…. For money they can go against their conscience to do evil. Even if God doesn’t destroy this mankind, it will destroy itself. Almighty God’s work of salvation is so timely! I should read Almighty God’s word carefully and must never miss the opportunity to be saved by God.

Through several times of the brothers’ and sisters’ fellowship and testifying about Almighty God’s work, I was completely certain that Almighty God is the one true God and the Creator. After accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days, I participated in the church life, and I met many young brothers and sisters, and many kids. We sang and danced together to our hearts’ content to praise God, and were particularly released and free, and we were open and sincere with each other. I was really happy and comfortable within. Looking back, when I was in Mainland China, many of my neighbors and countrymen believed the government’s rumors and were blinded by them just like me. Even though they wanted to believe in Almighty God, after hearing the rumors through TV, internet, and other media, they all doubted the Church of Almighty God and kept a respectful distance from it. The fake news has ruined many people’s opportunities to be saved. Thinking back on the road I’ve taken over almost ten years, I have experienced many ups and downs. I personally experienced the deception of the CCP through the press, which made me unable to discern the truth of the facts and thus live in darkness and panic all day long. The harm it has brought to the heart of me and the people around me is irreparable. That made me see that the CCP is God’s enemy, and its substance is one of resistance to God. However, it is because of this experience that I tasted God’s wisdom and His mercy and tolerance toward me and finally came back to God’s house. All the glory be to Almighty God!

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