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John 17:17- The Truth Sanctifies Man

Sanctify them through your truth: your word is truth.

– John 17:17

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Having been tempted and corrupted by Satan, mankind exists according to Satan’s evil axioms and lose the sanctity they once possessed. God is the Expresser of all truth, and God’s word is the way we humans should follow. Only when we act according to God’s word can we cast away our corruptions and be made pure. Just as God’s words say, “In every age, God bestows some words upon man when He works in the world, telling man of some truths. These truths serve as the way to be adhered to by man, the way that is to be walked in by man, the way that enables man to fear God and shun evil, and the way that people should put into practice and adhere to in their lives and over the course of their life journeys. It’s for these reasons that God bestows these words on man. These words that come from God should be adhered to by man, and to adhere to them is to receive life.

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The Power of the Word of God

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