God’s Love Is Embodied in His Creation of All Things

By Xiao Ping, Netherlands

I will never forget my hometown, where I was born and grew up. Its beauties always float into my mind and remind me of my past.

My hometown is situated on a plain. In spring, vast lands of green fields of wheat carpet the ground; stretches of golden rape flowers are especially brilliant in the sunshine, looking like gold edges of the “carpet.”

They emit their delightful fragrance in the breeze. If you take a deep breath, you will feel refreshed.

Most parts of my hometown is surrounded by a small river, which is like a quiet teenage girl lying quietly in the embrace of her mother. If you have a closer look at the river, you will see its crystal-clear water and ripples on the surface sent by the light wind. If you have another closer look, you will see frogs and fish swimming in the water with much pleasure.

On the banks of the river, there are shady trees such as weeping willows, paper mulberries, and lines of spreading and towering poplars. They look like guardians of the river. If you look up, you will see that various birds are busy in making their nests between forks of the trees for producing offspring. They have their new homes there. And in summer, you will hear cicadas singing on the treetops as if they were competing with each other to see who sings the loudest. The trees in full leaf offer much shade from the blazing sun, under which men and women, young and old, often enjoy the cool shade, sing songs, or chat. It is a great place for leisure and a stroll as well as a playground for my friend and me.

I have heard from my elders that the river was like this long ago. The seasons came and went. For so many years, it has been crystal clear and continued to flow, silently nourishing generation after generation of people. Whenever I look toward my hometown from a distance, I cannot help sighing.

small river

I remember the day I returned to my hometown to check on my mother. After dinner, my mother said she wanted to go out for a walk. Then we went out. We chatted as we walked slowly, with me holding her by the arm. Unknowingly, we reached the riverside, my favorite playground in my childhood. Everything before my eyes reminded me of my childhood memories. Recalling the scenes of my childhood, I told my mother of the happiness the river had brought me during my childhood. The past scenes remained fresh in my memory. My mother said, “The river has nourished generation after generation of people here. It is used to channel water for wheat fields, rice fields and vegetables plots when they are dry; it is used to drain rainwater from the fields when there is too much rain. Moreover, its water can also be used for washing clothes and raising the poultry. … We have never been charged for the water. It is Heaven who cares for and supplies us.”

These words of my mother made me think of God’s words, “Ever since God created them, based on the laws that He determined, all things have been operating and have been continuing to develop regularly. Under His gaze, under His rule, all things have been developing regularly alongside the survival of humans. Not a single thing is able to change these laws, and not a single thing can destroy these laws. It is because of God’s rule that all beings can multiply, and because of His rule and management that all beings can survive. This is to say that under God’s rule, all beings come into existence, thrive, disappear, and reincarnate in an orderly fashion. … People have enjoyed the beings and this orderly environment for survival created by God for generation after generation of humans. Even though people feel that these types of laws are innate, even though they are entirely dismissive of them, and even though they cannot feel that God is orchestrating these laws, that God is ruling over these laws, no matter what, God is always engaged in this unchanging work. His purpose in this unchanging work is for the survival of mankind, and so that humans may continue on.

When I pondered the words of God, warmth surged in my heart, and I suddenly felt that God is so kind and loving. When God created all things, He determined the laws of life for them. No matter what changes take place and no matter how many years pass, they still, under God’s sovereignty, follow the laws He determined, silently dedicating themselves to us mankind. Not a single person or thing is able to transcend God’s authority and power and change the laws of life.

God created all things for us mankind. We peacefully live and multiply within all kinds of geographical environments created by God, living for generation after generation and enjoying the grace and supply from God. All things God created reflect His love and care for us. With the land, river, and various animals and plants in my hometown, the villagers live a carefree life under God’s care. We are truly blessed! Thank God! All the glory be to God!